Minor annoyance with Outlook/Office 2007

Minor annoyance with Outlook/Office 2007

I’ve just upgraded to Outlook 2007 and while I mostly like the new interface, I’ve come across something that bugs me…

In previous Outlook versions, I’ve always modified the toolbar to add a button for “Next Item in Conversation Topic”. This option allows you to easily follow threads on mailing lists or private email conversations.

This option still exists in Outlook 2007, but you can no longer customise the new “Ribbon” interface – You can only modify the “Quick Access Toolbar”.

On to my annoyance… If you add a command to the QAT that doesnt have a default icon associated with it you get a green disc icon instead – An icon that as far as I can see, you cant change! (If someone knows different – Let me know!)


If you happen to want to add more buttons to the toolbar, you’d better hope they’ve all got icons associated or you’ll just have a toolbar full of green blobs!

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