Something different for 2013 – Windows Phone 8

Something different for 2013 – Windows Phone 8

Last November the Orange contract on my old HTC Desire-Z phone came up for renewal. I’ve been intrigued by the new Windows Phone system since its original launch but never really though about switching, at least until a friend lent me his old Samsung Omnia 7.

Samsung Omnia 7
Samsung Omnia 7

This phone runs the older Windows Phone 7.5 system, but is good enough to get an idea of what switching to a new Windows Phone would be like. I really liked the new system and just before Christmas I decided to make the switch. I’ve now got a nice new shiny HTC 8X on Three and I love it!


Here’s a quick list of the Windows Phone apps I’ve found essential so far…

  • 7Pass – A Keepass password database client. Nicely hooks into Skydrive/Dropbox too.
  • Baconit – A great Reddit client app
  • CrashPlan – Monitor/restore data from Crashplan cloud backups
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • NextGen Reader – A great Google Reader client. Syncs articles for offline reading too.
  • Podcatcher – Probably the best Podcast app in the Windows Phone Store. Could do with a couple of extra useful features, but it’s updated on a regular basis…
  • Rowi – A fantastic Twitter client, again it’s probably the best available.
  • Token2Shell/WP – An SSH client app.
  • TV Guide+ – There’s no official Sky TV Guide app yet, so this is the next best thing.
  • XBMC Remote – The best XBMC remote control app I’ve seen on any platform.


2 thoughts on “Something different for 2013 – Windows Phone 8

  1. Sean I got a Nokia lumia as an insurance replaement windows phone 7.5 is not too bad might be best to go for a phone 8 handset though.

    1. Yeah – WP7.5 is alright and 7.8 will be a big improvement when it’s eventually released with the new start screen stuff that’s in WP8.

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