Adventures in homebrewing: Dirty Daemon

Adventures in homebrewing: Dirty Daemon

Today’s a day of firsts: The first time I’ve used a yeast starter, the first time I’ve used Star San, using my new immersion cooler and the first time I’ve followed a recipe I’ve customised.

The main change was to down-scale the boil to around 10 litres, with a top-up in the fermenter – The main adjustments made were to the amount of hops required to maintain the required flavour.

My recipe, which I think I’ll call Dirty Daemon, was based on a Zombie Dust clone written by skeezerteezer on You can find my version of it here.

Here’s some pictures of my brew day:

It looks like the yeast starter is doing it’s job – Just a couple of hours after pitching the yeast, there’s a big krausen forming on the top – You can just about make it out in the last pic. Fingers crossed for the next 2 weeks 🙂

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