Brewery Upgrade: HERMS System (Part 4)

Brewery Upgrade: HERMS System (Part 4)

The PID control box, temperature probe, water heating pot and the re-circulation coil are ready (see parts one, two and three).  The remaining jobs I need to complete are:

  • Install fittings for the pipe work
  • Test everything!

The parts used here are:

I didn’t have my phone handy when I started this part of the build, I was just eager to crack on and get it finished.

Basically I just needed to connect the reducing bush & temperature probe to the tee piece horizontal socket and one of the camlock type F fittings to the vertical.  Next, a camlock type F was connected to the other side via a 1/2″ nipple connector.  All threads were liberally wrapped with PTFE tape.

A small length of silicone hose had a camlock type C connector inserted in both ends and secured with a hose clip.

Once this was all done, it was time to fill the kettle and connect everything together.  The output of the mash tun is connected to the pump, the pump then connects to the input of the HERMS coil.  The new length of pipe connects to the output of the coil and points back into the mash tun.

I’ve put together a quick video of the test runs…


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